Elementor widget

To get started, simply drag the Product list widget to the desired page. All that’s left is the configuration.

General settings #

Similar to the shortcode, the widget gives the power to control how the product list looks and what product fields it presents.

  • View type – View type for product list
    • DEFAULT: ‘grid’
  • Grid template – Grid product template
    • DEFAULT: 2
  • Grid size – Determine size of grid
    • DEFAULT: 3
  • Text alignment – Text alignment for ‘grid’ styled products
    • DEFAULT: ‘left’
  • Enable quick look – Enable quick look for ‘grid’ styled products
    • DEFAULT: ‘true’
  • Show title – Display product title
    • DEFAULT: ‘true’
  • Show rating – Display product rating
    • DEFAULT: ‘true’
  • Show price – Display product price
    • DEFAULT: ‘true’
  • Show description – Display product description on ‘list’ view type
    • DEFAULT: ‘true’
  • Show add to cart button – Display add to cart button
    • DEFAULT: ‘true’
  • Show chips – Display tag chips for ‘grid’ styled products with template 2
    • DEFAULT: ‘true’

Style settings #

In this section we can customize every font, text color and background color for all subsections (Product details, Status/Actions, Quick look product details and Quick Look status/actions).

  • Typography – Customize font definitions and spacing for subject subsection
    • DEFAULT: family: Roboto, size: 14px, weight: 400
  • Color – Customize text color for subject subsection
    • Can be a valid HEX color
    • DEFAULT: #121212 or #888
  • Background color – Customize background color for subject subsection
    • Can be a valid HEX color

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