Elementor widget

To get started, simply drag the Business hours widget to the desired page. All that’s left is the configuration.

General settings #

Similar to the shortcode, the widget gives the power to control the component’s general settings and style.

  • Day dropdown (Sunday – Saturday) – Specify if closed on day or the operating business hours separated by a ‘-‘
    • 24 hour format is allowed
    • DEFAULT: Open, 8:00AM – 5:00PM
  • 24 hour format – Enable 24 hour format
    • DEFAULT: ‘false’
  • Dense – Reduce component height
    • DEFAULT: ‘false’
  • Current day only – Display current day only
    • DEFAULT: ‘false’
  • Highlight current – Highlight current day with color
    • DEFAULT: ‘false’
  • Highlight style – Determine highlight style
    • DEFAULT: ‘light’
  • Highlight color – Highlight background color
    • DEFAULT: #f00000

Style settings #

In this section we can customize the font for the component.

  • Typography – Customize font definitions and spacing for subject subsection
    • DEFAULT: family: Roboto, size: 14px, weight: 400

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