What are the term of the licenses?

Each purchase comes with a license valid for 12 months. With each license you’ll be able to download updates and request support for the product you purchased.

What is the difference between buying a plan and buying a single component?

The main difference between buying a plan and buying a component is that when you buy a plan you have access to all the active components and those that we will be releasing while your license is active. If you buy a single component you also will have access to that specific component.

In both cases you’ll have access to support and to all updates that we release while your license is active.

What is a component?

A component is a module inside the Awesome plugin that represents a specific functionality, like the cart or checkout. You can buy a plan which includes all components or a single component.

How do i install a component?

To install a new component you must go to the Awesome Manager in your WordPress administration panel. From there, you can install new components, update existing ones and install new licenses.

Where is my license key?

After your purchase of one of our products you’ll receive an email with your product license key. Also, you can go to the My Account page / Orders and you will see the licenses of each order made.

Which components do I get when I buy a plan?

When you buy a plan from us you are really buying all of our components with a single license key. You will have access to updates and support of every component. Also, you’ll have access to  new components that are released while your license is still valid.

Does the license key can be used in dev environments?

Yes, you can use you license in any environment you want. Keep in mind that if your license only support one website, you won’t be able to use it in more than one environment simultaneously.

I'm not satisfied with the product, how can I request my money back?

We’re sure you’ll love our components, but if for some reason, you’re not satisfied, just write us an email with the reason why you’re not loving it and we’ll issue a refund.